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All travelers, intergalactic or not, occasionally need to relive themselves on their journey. Like a driver making a pit stop on the side of the road or a plane emptying its toilet mid flight, aliens perform a similar ritual while making their patrols over our planet.  Finding these samples of alien urine are key to not only proving the existence of aliens to the public, but also to understanding their anatomy.  In Don Lincoln’s excellent book “Alien Universe: Extraterrestrial Life in Our Minds and in the Cosmos“, where Lincoln explores the philosophical questions regarding the search for extraterrestrial life, he explains that proofing the existence of alien life means expanding our traditional methods of searching for alien life.   


What We Currently Know About Real Alien Urine

Little work has gone into the examination of alien urine. However, it represents a new area of study in Ufology, the study of UFOs. Alien urine has been examined at a number of prolific UFO stomping grounds. These areas include the stretch between San Diego and San Francisco, US Route 375 (also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway or the area near the prolific “area 51), the Northwest Territory in Australia, Bonnybridge in Scotland, and many other high traffic alien avenues. 

real alien urine sample, where to find it

What is Alien Urine?

So what is a real alien urine sample like? Ufologists describe its color as dark green, orange, and sometimes brownish in color. Its consistency tends to be quite thick, which indicates that alien internal organelle systems are quite robust in nature. This could explain why extraterrestrials have been able to visit earth and tolerate its atmosphere so readily. The smell has been described as “nothing of anything known on this Earth”. Ufologist explain that this is quite unsettling. This smell indicates that alien biology contains elements we are unable to even fathom.  As alien urine has typically been reported in areas of high traffic. If you an aspiring Ufologist, these areas represent good areas for budding ufologists to begin their own studies. High traffic areas are pictured below.

UFO Sightings Per Capita 

Best Spots to Acquire Alien Urine
Source: Good Magazine

Where Can I Buy Alien Urine?

So why is there so little published on this topic? The study of alien urine has been heavily down played by the mainstream media. The internet is flooded with pages of “alien urine cocktails”. This is largely because the topic seems relatively nonsense at face value.  If you are looking to buy alien urine, I’m afraid you are out of luck. At the moment UFO Insider does not sell commercial alien urine. However, you could possibly get away with alien urine socks

Alien urine is everywhere. The the wastes of our intergalactic visitors will be their downfall. Don’t forget to follow UFO Insider on Facebook for the latest sightings and news and the newest prime locations for alien urine collection!