What is UFO Insider?

UFO Insider is an up and coming news website dedicated to delivering the latest insights on UFO Sightings, Alien Abductions, and the latest on paranormal events. As a small startup, UFO Insider focuses on the less researched issues in Ufology such as Alien Urine, UFO Hunting, and other future areas of study within the science of Ufology.  UFO Insiders provides all the tools needed for the aspiring Ufologist by providing the latest UFO insights on alien abductions and the hottest spots for UFO hunting.  


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Who is Glip-Glop?

Glip-Glop, pictured below, is the beloved mascot of UFO Insider. Armed with his fedora and thirst for the truth, Glip-Glop has infiltrated the alien media machine to deliver the truth about UFOs and Alien life. Gathering the latest UFO insights and alien insights, no secret of government conspiracy is safe!

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