5 Reasons Ufology is the Future of Science

Ufology is the study of UFOs. Specifically, it is the study of reports, visual records, physical evidence, and all other phenomena related to unidentified flying objects. As science is always pushing the boundaries of the unknown, exploring the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects and understanding the causes of UFOs is science’s next logical step in progress. Here, UFO Insider gives its top 5 reasons why Ufology is the future of science.

Different types of Aliens in Ufology
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Reason 1: Ufology as a Science in the Age of Information

In more recent years, Ufology has been viewed as a more legitimate field of science.  UFO’s have been investigated heavily by governments, independent groups, and scientists in more recent years. This is mainly due to the influx of technology available to researcher in the past couple years. Cameras, video recording devices, and instant communication systems are available to virtually everyone in the form of cellphones.  This technology, just 10 years ago, was not nearly as abundant.  With the gift of technology, more evidence of UFOs, UFO sightings, and alien abductions are widely available and are increasingly more difficult for governments and skeptics to cover up. If the Roswell crash had happened today, there would be no secrets revolving around area 51 and the Roswell cover up.

Reason 2: Classification of UFOs

Within Ufology, like many modern sciences, classification systems exist to better identify the characteristics of different unidentified flying objects. As with any classification system in science, it has grown and developed over time.  Originally, there were six different classifications of UFOs in Ufology developed by J. Allen Hynek in the 1970s.  Jacques Vallée expanded on this branch of Ufology by classifying UFOs into 4 categories with 5 subcategories. Now, modern Ufologists have expanded earlier classification systems into 80 possible models based on historic sightings! Who knows what the future holds for classification in Ufology, but as with any science, Ufologists embrace it.


Ufology classification of UFOs
Source: http://corrierepadano.blogspot.com/2016/01/ufo-cosa-sono-cosa-non-sono.html

Reason 3: Validation by Other Sciences

Ufology is losing its stigma as a pseudoscience.  Work by Peter A. Sturrock, in his survey of scientists on the topic of Ufology, demonstrated that many scientist admitted that Ufology and the phenomenon surrounding UFOs warranted significant scientific exploration. This study by Peter A. Sturrock was later confirmed by Gert Herb and J. Allen Hynek in which their results demonstrated that only 3% of scientist firmly believed that Ufology warranted no future research, implying that 97% of scientist admitted that Ufology was an area of future scientific study.

Reason 4: More Than Just Objects in the Sky

Not only is Ufology concerned with the study of unidentified flying objects, but it is also concerned with other phenomena related to the UFOs, making it a large area of science ripe with research opportunities.  Alien abductions, crop circles, extraterrestrial contact, alien implants, and even alien urine are all areas of study for ufologists. Evidence of all these events are everywhere and require experts in the area of Ufology to better assess what is happening.  If other significant UFO events happen similar to the Roswell crash, the 1897 Purported UFO crash in Texas, or the 1965: The Kecksburg Incident, the world will rely on Ufologist to get to the truth.

Reason 5: International UFO Interests

International recognition of Ufology and Ufologists has never been higher. International panels include Project Sign(US), Project Grudge (US), Flying Saucer Working Party (UK), Project Magnet (Canada), Project Second Story (Canada),  Project Hessdalen (Norway), Project EMBLA (France), and even panels by the United Nations. UFOs are an international phenomenon and the future of Ufology will depend on cooperation of Ufologist from all nations to further the science of Ufology.

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